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Anyox - The Town that Got Lost

June 25-26, 2022   $695.00 per person two days and one night (or contact us for a custom tour)
Be one of the few people each year to tour this privately owned and exclusive ghost town!
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Anyox was copper mining town situated at sea level, 145 km north of Prince Rupert near the head of Observatory Inlet. It was explored and brought into production in 1914 by Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power Co., Ltd. They created a large, modern and self-sufficient company town that was built around the Hidden Creek Mine. The town reached a population of over 2500 making it one of BC’s largest towns for that time. This remote town had electricity, sewer systems, hot and cold running water and all amenities a town could need. These included a movie theater, Bank of Commerce, hospital, tennis courts, schools , churches, store, hotel and even a golf course. Today the town is privately owned with the owners looking at restoring the Anyox Dam and start providing electricity.

We have a camp, full kitchen, generators and 30 rooms that we can access to provide accommodation for our guests to overnight in a true ghost town. We barged over a crew cab pickup truck and have access to three ATV’s to tour this untouched site. Contact us to organize your own custom trip to this exclusive ghost town.

Tour Highlights

  • Anyox Dam
  • Powerhouse
  • Cemetery
  • Red Light District
  • General Store
  • Hotel
  • Bank
  • Ore Cars
  • Concentrator
  • Coking Plant
  • and much more!

Kitsault - The Lights are on but nobody's home!

June 11, 2022   - $199.00 per person day trip (or contact us for a custom tour)
June 18, 2022   - $199.00 per person day trip (or contact us for a custom tour)
July 23-24, 2022  - $595 per person two day / one night trip which includes Alice Arm
These exclusive tours are the only way to visit and tour the privately owned ghost town!
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The town of Kitsault lies at the head of Alice Arm at sea level and about 160 north of Prince Rupert. This resource town had rich deposits of Molybdenum, a steel hardening mineral in the hills above the down. The fluctuating prices of molybdenum caused the demise of the town. The mine operated from 1868-72 with a smaller town supporting it and then again from 1981-83 where the company invested heavily in the town infrastructure. When the price of Moly crashed in 1983 the mine shut down and the 1500 residents were asked to leave. The town has sat vacant since then in a 1980’s time warp. In 2005, India-born American entrepreneur, Krishnan Suthanthiran, bought the town for $7 million sight unseen and began planning to revive the town, but with limited success. Today the town is managed by a caretaker who employs a few people to mow the lawns and keep the relentless brush at bay.

Accommodations will be in one the Kitsault Apartment buildings.  Each guest(s) will have their own suite and bed(s). All transportation to and from Terrace is included plus all meals and access to all the buildings in Kitsault.  Boat transportation to and from Alice Arm is also included.

Contact us to organize your own excusive tour to this private ghost town.

Town Amenities

  • 100 single detached houses
  • 6 apartment buildings
  • Curling Rink
  • Hospital
  • Swimming Pool
  • Library
  • Gymnasium
  • Pub
  • Restaurant
  • Movie Theatre
  • Post Office
  • Racquet Ball Courts
  • and a shopping mall

Alice Arm - Home of the Dolly Varden Silver Mine

July 23-24, 2022  - $595 per person two day / one night trip which includes Alice Arm and Kitsault

Alice Arm - Home of the Dolly Varden Silver Mine
The early 1900 silver mining town of Alice Arm was home to the Dolly Varden Silver Mine and railway. The town flourished in the 1915-40 period when Silver mining and exploration was at its peak. The town had many shops and businesses catering to the mining crews but once the mining stopped and the railway was shut down the town went into a sleepy existence.
Today it is home to people with vacation homes and cabins that line the three main streets. A few remnants from the past still remain and are scattered throughout the town. The 1922 schoolhouse still stands, plus the bakery and post office and many artifacts from the silver mining days. Alice Arm still buzzes with hopes of finding the next big silver “find” as exploration crews still scour the valley in the summer. We have exclusive access to the “Alice Arm Lodge” that can accommodate groups of 6-8 people at a time plus the the ability to house people in a variety of other cabins. We also utilize local residents to tour the town and provide that authentic experience.

Contact us to organize your own exclusive tour to this remote Northern BC Ghost Town.