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About Us

My name is Rob Bryce and I own and run Northern BC Jet Boat Tours. I have a strong passion for tourism and specifically in Northern British Columbia as the area offers many interesting and unique opportunities for tour ideas and adventures..

I operate Jet Boat tours based out of Northern BC. I deliver custom Jet boat tours and adventures on the many rivers and waterways, showcasing the amazing scenery and wildlife that this region has to offer. I have been exploring the landscape for over 20 years and finally decided it was time to share my favorite spots with others.

I love learning about the local history of the region and sharing it with my guests. In my spare time I still like to go out and explore new areas and share these adventures with guests who have the same passion for visiting unique and "off the beaten path" locations. I am always looking for new and exciting tour ideas that can be delivered in a safe and informative way. My passion for tourism in the region has lead me to promote it through my volunteer positions as a director of the Kermode Tourism Board and the Northern BC Tourism Board. If you decide to take a tour with me, I will do my best to make your tour one of the most memorable!.

The B0ats

We have two jet boats plus we work with another licensed operator to provide options depending the size of the group and the type of river we will be operating in.

22 Ft Thunder Jet Yukon

A spacious boat with seating for 6-7 people.  The boat has front air ride seats for those bumpy rides.  It is equipped with a full top and back to keep out of the elements when raining or cold but can also remove the front roof so that guests can stand while cruising up the rivers.  The boat has four heater outlets to keep warm and is equipped with all the necessary safety equipment.  It has 425 hp and can easily transport heavy loads.  The boat can do ocean journeys safely but still run up smaller rivers when the levels are high.

20 Ft Firefish Hammerhead

A spacious boat with seating for 6-7 people.  The boat has a shallower V and perfect for those low water conditions. It is equipped with a full top and back to keep out of the elements when raining or cold but can also remove the cover so that guests can stand while cruising up the rivers.  The boat has four heater outlets to keep warm and is equipped with all the necessary safety equipment.  It has 420 hp and can easily transport heavy loads.  The boat is owned and operated by my colleague.

14 ft Solar Jet Inflatable

An inflatable boat with a built in tunnel hull for running the shallowest rivers. The boat can handle upto 4 people and is a great option for viewing wildlife up close.   The motor is light enough that 1-2 people can carry the motor for short distances.

Thunder Jet /  Inflatable Jet Combination

A great option for exploring remote coastal rivers.  This combination allows us to travel to small ocean tributaries with a large jet boat and then push the inflatable jet boat off, add motor and off you go to otherwise inaccessible locations to view wildlife and scenery.

Criss Craft SeaHawk

We use this 23 ft ocean boat for our trips from Kitsault to Anyox.  The 225 hp outboard moves the boat along nicely on the scenic 40 min boat ride from Kitsault to Anyox.  For larger groups we charter a 28 ft Kingfisher as well for the Kitsault to Anyox Trip. 


Rob from Northern BC jet boat tours will show you some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire country. He took us up a remote  river valley for the day, we hiked, explored and ate some delicious food. Highly recommend for a fun adventure! - Callum Snape

No one knows northern BC like Rob Bryce does! I went with him and his awesome partner Simone for a two-day tour of Kitsault and Alice Arm, and was impressed at every turn by their expertise, knowledge and do-anything spirit. They've put a lot of effort into building relationships in the region, and the pride they take in their work shines through strongly. Can't wait to travel with them again when I'm next up north. - Austin A

We had an amazing time. Very knowledgeable, professional and made sure everyone had a good time. I would recommend them without hesitation. - Bruce Cook

We can’t thank Rob enough for one of the best days we’ve spent in British Colombia! Not only are you an absolute pleasure to listen to, with your extensive knowledge of the land (and sea) but it’s also loads of fun to enjoy the quirks!! Whales, seals, waterfalls, eagles, thousands of salmon, black bears and of course grizzlies... you really did show us it all! It should be mentioned from the absolute comfort of your very well looked after Jet boat! We appreciate the day you gave us, and hope to join you again one day in the future. Highly recommend!! - Rachel-May Follan

Shout out to Northern BC JetBoat Tours with Rob and Simone Bryce. I had a great day in Kitsault on their only drive-in tour of ghost towns. We were able to get into the main buildings, and could walk around these buildings anywhere we pleased. Rob is not only incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the ghost towns in that area, but also of the towns' current affairs as per upkeep and possible improvements. More than just a tour guide, he has an involved working relationship with those living in and maintaining these communities, and is constantly looking to improve his tour service. Mine was a day tour, but their overnight tour includes Kitsault, Alice Arm, and Anyox.

Highly recommended.

Carla Peters

Despite the rain my Grizzly Bear viewing tour this last Sunday was a fantastic adventure. Rob Bryce of Northern BC Jet Boat Tours took us down the Douglas Channel, through the Gardner Canal, and up a remote river to watch the grizzly bears. On our way down we also watched sea lions and humpback whales, as well as some spectacular waterfalls. I highly recommend Northern BC Jet Boat Tours.

 Peter Versteege


Safety is of the utmost importance and we take it very seriously.  All jet boats are commercially registered with marine watercraft liability insurance.  All the boats meet or exceed Transport Canada required safety equipment.  All guests are required to wear the provided Canadian Coast Approved PFD’s while travelling on the boat.  The jet boat drivers are fully trained in “Jet Boat Safety Operations” and have training in SVOP – Small vessel operator proficiency and MED A3 – Marine Emergency Duties. Drivers are trained in first aid and the Jet Boats have accompanying First Aid Kits.  Boats are also equipped with Radios and Satellite Phones.

Refunds & Cancelations

We will provide full refunds up to 30 days prior to the tour.  Within 30 days we have reserve the right to provide a refund depending on the reason.  We understand issues arrive in peoples lives and are usually fairly understanding when it comes to refunds.  We reserve the right to cancel tours on short notice.  Please contact us prior to booking airline tickets to ensure we have met the minimum number Unforeseen issues can arise which may cause the cancellation of tours.  Safety is of the utmost importance and we can cancel tours due to unsafe weather  conditions.  We will make every possible effort to reschedule any cancelled tours.  NBJT 2021