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Kitsault – The Modern Ghost Town
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We are fortunate to have exclusive access to deliver tours to this amazing ghost town in which parts of the town are over 50 years old. It has been maintained for all those years and the only thing missing are the people. Join us this summer for a a day tour or overnight stay in the ghost town. More details to follow on advertised trips and custom offerings.

Kitsault Mall and Rec Centre
Kitsault Mall and Rec Centre
Destination BC Video
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I was fortunate to have a crew of Destination BC with me for a few days and show them some of the highlights of the tours and trips that we offer. Here are a few highlights in the video below

First Blog Post Introduction
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I will try and update the blog regularly especially during the slower winter months. Hopefully the posts will give you a better idea on what we do on our tours and let you become more familiar with out part of the province.

I will start with some information about myself.

Rob Bryce

My name is Rob Bryce and I own and run Northern BC Jet Boat Tours. I have a strong passion for tourism and specifically in Northern British Columbia as the area offers many interesting and unique opportunities for tour ideas and adventures.

I operate Jet Boat tours based out of Northern BC. I deliver custom Jet boat tours and adventures on the many rivers and waterways, showcasing the amazing scenery and wildlife that this region has to offer. I have been exploring the landscape for over 20 years and finally decided it was time to share my favorite spots with others.

I love learning about the local history of the region and sharing it with my guests. In my spare time I still like to go out and explore new areas and share these adventures with guests who have the same passion for visiting unique and "off the beaten path" locations. I am always looking for new and exciting tour ideas that can be delivered in a safe and informative way. My passion for tourism in the region has lead me to promote it through my volunteer positions as a director of the Kermode Tourism Board and the Northern BC Tourism Board. If you decide to take a tour with me, I will do my best to make your tour one of the most memorable!