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Bear Viewing

Come and join us for the viewing of wild Grizzly Bears on BC's Northcoast.  All of our bear viewing is done in remote coastal settings. This area is a photographers dream with a healthy number of Grizzly Bears and Black Bears to photograph in a natural setting.  We have two seasons for bear viewing.  Spring Bear viewing from late May to early July when the bears have come out of hibernation and feed almost exclusively on Lynbgy Sedge in our coastal estuaries and shoreline.  We have a number of estuaries that we visit that have good numbers of bear feeding on the sedge.  Some bears will also dig for clams on low tides.  We use a jet boat to get close to the estuary and then utilize an electric motor to silently move around the shoreline.  

Starting in mid August we begin our late summer/fall bear viewing where the bears are feeding exclusively on our Pacific Salmon that have entered the river. We will visit small creeks and larger rivers to photograph the bears during this special time of year. We can view bears up to the end of October.  We typically see whales enroute to our bear viewing sites this time of year. We can do custom tours for your own group that works on date for both of us.

June 8, 2024 - $249 per person

June 23, 2024 - $249 per person

August 24, 2024 - $249 per person

September 7, 2024 - $249 per person