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Canneries of the Northcoast

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Come and join us for a day on the lower Skeena River and tidal portions of the northcoast as we explore the sites of up to 18 Canneries that once operated in the area. Places like North Pacific , Cassiar, Claxton, Carlisle, Humpback Bay, Oceanic, Dominion, Port Essington, Haysport, Balmoral plus many more sites from the past like Osland and Oona River. Let us customize a tour for you and explore these once flourishing canneries. This is one of the least explored areas of the Skeena River. We typically leave from Port Edward and keep our eyes open for Harbour Porpoises that frequent the area enroute to the Skeena Slough or Cannery Row as it was also known. We can also arrange a tour of the North Pacific Cannery historic site as part of the tour.